Jun 03 2023


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Spring ’23 Rope Series: Chest Harnesses

This will be a face-to-face rope bondage workshop located in Capitol Hill, Seattle. You must be 18+. This is a beginner-level rope bondage class. It is fully inclusive and open for individuals of all genders, sexual orientations, ethnicities, and skill levels.  No prior knowledge/experience is required. Participants are encouraged to come with a partner/s but it is not required. Participants may come to the workshop alone without a partner. You will be expected to participate in active tying throughout the class.  

The class fee is $15, but comes with a complimentary 15ft of shibari grade jute rope.  You can also choose to purchase 30ft of shibari grade jute rope at $30 instead. You can pay online with venmo during online registration or with cash in person at the door. 

To register for the event you must first complete an online pre-class via Google Classroom here:

Spring Quarter 2023 Pre-Class Training Once you are in the Google Classroom, click on the tab that says “Classwork” to see the course outline. 

This should take about 30 minutes to complete. The online pre-class material covers: 

  • Consent
  • Communication 
  • Risk Profile
  • Sanitation
  • Basic policies about the events 

After completing the readings, there is a pre-class quiz and online registration form to register for the event. 

Registration opens after the previous rope class in the series is completed.

Classes are capped at 24 registered individuals. Individuals will be placed on a waiting list once the 24 seats are filled. For this reason, group registrations are not allowed. Every individual in your party must register. Registered individuals will be emailed additional information including the location and address where the classes will take place.