Aug 09 2023


6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

RopeLab – Special Location

For August’s RopeLab, join us at Howell Beach! No pre-registration required.

RopeLab Seattle is a collaborative men’s rope bondage community for experienced rope riggers to workshop and practice rope techniques. This is a space for gay and bisexual men, transmen, and other male presenting people to participate in ropework peer-learning skillshare.

There is no evaluation/requirement for proof of skill level. If you feel you have the necessary skills to participate, you are encouraged to attend. However, the focus of RopeLab Seattle will always highlight the needs of our community’s advanced riggers – RopeLab Seattle is not the place to learn your first knots, but once you have those down (having learned them at one of many great events such as Men Tying Men or a ropes class facilitated by SLSC) you are encouraged and welcome to join RopeLab Seattle.

Each RopeLab begins with a welcome and introduction to the evening’s topic/theme often accompanied by a photo slideshow highlighting a variety of methods or approaches to the theme/topic. Participants are encouraged to dialogue about these approaches and share examples of things they have tried, or want to try. After a short discussion, participants are encouraged to form small groups around specific interests related to the theme and then begin roping. This is very much a collaborative educational learning/workshop space and NOT a play party. Participants are encouraged to wander around the space to see other approaches to the topic/theme and engage in discussion. It is encouraged to swap/rotate your tying partner throughout the event to provide a variety of body types to practice on; however, we understand that some people may not be comfortable with a different tying partner, and that should be respected.

Sessions are capped at 10 rope pairs. Rope riggers are required to RSVP online and sign up their tying partner. If you do not have a rope bottom/model, reach out to the RopeLab Seattle message boards/server. All participants will be required to sign a digital waiver form at the beginning of each session. Rope tops should wear comfortable clothes such as jeans and T-shirt, or athletic clothing. Rope tops are required to bring their own ropes, equipment, and yoga mat (if required). Rope bottoms should avoid loose or bulky clothing. For the ease of tying, rope bottoms are encouraged to wear snug-fitting clothing, shorts, or underwear only.

What is the mission of RopeLab Seattle?

  • Elevating male* rope bondage practitioners roping on the masculine form
  • Providing collaborative educational spaces for intermediate-advanced male* ropers, grounded in peer-learning and skillshare.
  • Providing informal pedagogical experiences that decentralize “expertise” and invite ropers to develop their voice, skillsets, and identities as active riggers and rope educators

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