Nov 26 2022


3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Leather Care Skillshare 101: Bootblacking

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This class welcomes folks of ALL experience levels In this 90 minute class, Cinder Welpe will cover just the tip of Bootblacking as a practice and a fetish. We’ll start with the basics of building a Bootblack kit, including discussion on accessibility and allergens. To help you get started, we’ll have starter kits available for purchase!

Once folks know some of the products and what they’re used for, we’ll break out the gear and everyone can start to explore identifying different types of Leather. We’ll review the most frequently used products and touch on a few techniques and approaches. We will also have a brief discussion on non-Leather gear care. Throughout the class, we’ll have hands-on demonstrations of different styles of Bootblacking itself with plenty of opportunity to ask questions about application and get your hands dirty by touching and caring for gear.

The only partner you need is a piece of gear, but we will have oodles to spare so don’t stress if you don’t have anything! There will be no nudity, but we can always touch on the ways in which different surfaces of the body can be used in a Bootblacking scene.

We will not be discussing what it looks like to publicly Bootblack or Bootblack stand etiquette, but remember, TIP YOUR BOOTBLACKS! Attendees are encouraged to bring whatever Bootblacking/Gear care materials that they have AND to bring along any pieces of gear that they would like to discuss caring for as well.


Registered individuals will be emailed additional information including the location and address where the class will take place.

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