Jun 29 2022


6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Breath Control: The Ultimate Form of Control

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Breath control is one of the most fringe forms of BDSM. Nothing quite matches the immediacy and significance of breathing, and to surrender or take control of it is both intimate and absolute. Few other forms of BDSM carry so much risk and reward, and are so mysterious and misunderstood, especially in popular media and among the uninitiated. In this class we’ll discuss exactly what constitutes breath control — probably more than you think — and how to perform it safely. While more targeted at top/doms, the information presented here will benefit bottom/subs as well, and help them make safe choices when discussing breath control with prospective partners. Join us for an evening of discussion, demonstration, and enlightenment. And, if possible, bring your breath control partner with you.

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