Mar 22 2023


6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Body Service: Massage 101

Miss Beca (she/her/Sir) has come out of retirement to teach the art of massage. As a licensed massage therapist, she focused on deep tissue and sports medicine. Now, she uses her hands to rough up and soothe the bodies of her submissives. In this first of a two-part series, she starts us off by demonstrating massage as interpersonal connection through service and relaxation on her bottom, Angie. 

Advance registration is required to attend Body Service: Massage 101: Registration Form

This will be a face-to-face workshop located in Capitol Hill, Seattle. You must be 18+ and have completed the COVID-19 vaccination. This is a fully-inclusive class welcoming all individuals, all genders, all body expressions, and all skill levels. No prior knowledge/experience is required. It is not required to attend the workshop with a partner.

Classes are capped at 18 registered individuals. Individuals will be placed on a waiting list once the 18 seats are filled. For this reason, group registrations are not allowed. Every individual in your party must register. Registered individuals will be emailed additional information including the location and address where the classes will take place.

PS: Stay tuned for the announcement of Body Service: Massage Evil on April 13!

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