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2022 Year in Review

The new year always offers an opportunity to look back at the previous year to evaluate successes and failures as we determine what’s next. As we move into 2023 together, I find myself considering 2022 and looking at SLSC’s accomplishments, just as I do my own. I am proud of a big year for us and excited to continue bringing our mission to you all in the new year.

SLSC August Cigar Social

SLSC held our August Cigar Social on Saturday afternoon August 6th. We are continuing to enjoy the good company, as well as the warm weather while it lasts. Many thanks as always to the Mercury for hosting, as well as our talented photographer Mike Jacobs! Find more of his work at

SLSC Pride 2022 Photo Recap

Pride 2022 was a joyful month for SLSC as we held an extra cigar social and got our first chance to perform demos in public since 2020! Below are photos from our Saturday afternoon cigar social, as well as a look at our flogging and rope setup for Daddy Issues.