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Interview with Cockeye Kink

Sept 4, 2023

When I look at my closet and survey all of my gear, it’s increasingly apparent how much money I’ve spent on it over the years. 

A generic leather harness, of good quality, can run between $90-$200. A leather shirt around $150, and things like gloves and other accessories only continue to run up that bill. I don’t know about y’all, but I’m a kinkster on a budget most of the time, and I’ve been hunting out solutions to my growing “problem.”


There’s a saying that “gear is an investment,” and I believe that to be true, but how many times must we invest before it becomes a “money-suck?” Why must the desire for unique looks and individuality be an expensive one? I was determined to find something out there that would allow me to express myself and my kinks without breaking the bank. It turns out, he found me. 

Picture it: Seattle, 2019.


I was introduced to a gentleman by way of some acquaintances. We were discussing the journey I was on to find a new harness to celebrate my victory at a local title contest. Instantly, the name Clair Stevenson was sent my way and a week later we were meeting for a fitting of my own. After Clair had shared his business idea and what he was doing with it, I remember questioning if it was too good to be true. More importantly, I remember being excited for what it could grow into further down the road.


Clair works alongside his business partner Eric Smith over at Cockeye Kink. These craftsmen use a water jet cutting technology that can carve detailed images into stainless steel shapes of choice. The company makes a unique variety of customized leather harnesses and suspenders in almost any customization a kinkster could ask for. I was amazed by the idea that these stainless steel cut pendants/pieces were all interchangeable and eliminated the need for multiple pieces of gear. Clair explained to me that if every piece is interchangeable, the vast amount of gear variations grows exponentially: Think 10 harness designs for the price of one (and some change).


I had a chance to speak with Clair about his business recently. He told me that, in addition to creating more affordable gear options, the mission of Cockeye Kink is to create gear that makes everyone feel included. He explained, “It was important to me that people felt good in my gear regardless of their skin color, their gender expression, or their physical appearance.”

So Seattle is known for its coffee, hipsters, but now … stainless steel customizable fetish gear? It may sound surprising, but it’s been a growing trend. Since Clair started Cockeye Kink in 2018, its popularity and success has grown. You will find that many of Clair and Eric’s design’s are being worn by influencers, like HungerFF from Twitter, and community titleholders across the country, including some IML alumni.  


I was curious how Clair had settled on using his craftsmanship for body harnesses, and he had this to say: 

“My original plan was just that I had the ability to make unique metal parts, things that would reflect not only what the person was trying to convey but also be unlike anything else that is out there … I had decided to make my own harness one day, and not just the parts, because I was getting tired of outgrowing a piece of gear and having to go buy a whole new set.” 

Clair said he grew concerned with how expensive gear can be sometimes and wanted to come up with a solution for that: “Why not make something interchangeable that can be used multiple times but still be unique?” The idea had its appeal, and as word spread, more gearheads started wanting a Cockeye Kink harness of their own.

Cockeye Kink also creates accessories in the form of steel-cut dog tags and other shaped pendants. A curious kinkster might find pre-cut designs such as bear paws and gasmasks or labels like “DAD” or “SIR.” Now, don’t fret. If you are a kinkster that likes your gear on the more custom side, Cockeye kink is more than happy to work with you to make your own design a reality. To quote Clair, “As long as it’s not offensive and doesn’t hurt anybody else, we are down to help them make it.” 

As of late, you may be seeing some hero themed pieces being worn out and about from Cockeye Kink. The mind behind that work is Eric. Eric joined Clair and has been crafting pieces at Cockeye Kink since April of 2019. You can bet that Eric is constantly coming up with new ideas to share with his fellow geeky gearheads. Eric has been playing with different ideas ranging from Dungeons and Dragons, to the Mighty Morphin Powerangers. This fine gentleman’s got your back when it comes to your geeky/nerdy desires and your gear. If you are feeling a mighty need, there arent many others that can make it happen. 

You can do all of your purchasing and parusing via Cockeye Kink’s website online or its Etsy presence, you can also find its dog tags and pendants at Mr. S Leathers in San Francisco. If those options are not readily available to you, Clair often travels to vendor markets of large fetish events to sell in person for your kinky pleasure.

We asked Clair where he saw Cockeye Kink going in the next five to 10 years, he shared this: 

“I want [Cockeye Kink] to become an innovative fetish company that will grow and come up with more unique pieces. I want us to be making stuff that you have never seen before. My mission statement is to make gear that makes everyone feel sexy. We’re just like everyone else in the kink community: We want to be seen.” 

You can find Cockeye Kink at the following socials and websites: 


Instagram: @cockeyekink, @aguynamedclair, and @crimsonlthrdad

Facebook: Cockeye Kink Gear, Clair Stevenson and Eric Smith 

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